Pronyx is a certified partner to your favorite providers.

Pronyx provides solutions in two main areas: networking equipment and memory and storage. Within these areas, we incorporate services and products from industry giants to address your specific requirements.

We build relationships with leading network and storage service providers to solve your networking problems and offer support and multiple services in one platform.

We have found our winning combination by joining forces with the largest industry leaders below, who have met our rigorous service, device, and price standards. Our partners also have a history of superb customer reviews, achievements, and worldwide recognition. With this approach, you too can harness the latest opportunities for a smarter home that keeps you connected reliably.

Although sometimes the variety of services in the market results in more complexity for the customers, our partners have brought technology’s complexity to simplicity for decades, all while staying affordable and durable. Their up-to-date product line keeps you in the loop of today’s innovations, while our systematic and integrative approach provides custom and flexible solutions and plans that are tailored to your specific needs.



ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2001. During the past two decades, the company has been dedicated to bringing exemplary memory solutions that enhance their customers’ digital experiences. Likewise, the company’s adherence to honesty and high standards of professionalism has made them a customer-favorite memory brand and a global leader in product design.



An award-winning international brand in networking and connectivity products design and development, D-Link has been making world-class products for consumers for more than three decades. Their vast range of products cover the requirements of daily consumers and small businesses to medium and large-scale enterprises.

Brands We Work With