Brands We Work With

Pronyx equips daily lives with network and storage services that challenge industry standards and help you connect.


Superior Quality: Only the latest and tested network innovations with standout reviews.
Cost-effective: Enjoy affordable and accessible plans/services suited to your needs and budget.
Five-star Customer Service: 24/7/365 support from trained and caring decision-makers that solve problems.

Our Partners

Pronyx provides solutions in two main areas: networking equipment and memory and storage. Within these areas, we incorporate services and products from industry giants to address your specific requirements.

We build relationships with leading network and storage service providers to solve your networking problems and offer support and multiple services in one platform.

Boost your wireless experience with the latest technology.

We Provide:

We make an unusual effort to identify and recruit very best person for every job. The dedication of our people to the company and the intense effort they give to their jobs are greater than one finds in most other organizations. Our engineers hold internationally recognized certifications and we are proud of their superb communication skills.

Areas of Expertise

Strategy and Analysis

Align your business goals and technology requirements to start your architectural transformation.

Network Optimisation

Get professional services expertise, tools, and best practices to help you intelligently run your network.

Migration Support

Extend support coverage for last-date-of-support (LDoS) products during a technology refresh project.

Smart Net Total Care

Reduce downtime with fast, expert technical support and flexible hardware coverage.

Implementation and Training

Speed deployments and simplify IT with proven methods. Develop talent truly capable of transforming businesses.

Technical Optimisation

Improve efficiency, performance, and productivity to boost the value of your resources.

If you are looking to get more information about the nature of our business or you have any business enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.