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MSI is a world leader in gaming, content creation, business and productivity, and AIoT solutions. MSI maintains a global presence spanning over 120 countries, backed by its cutting-edge R&D capabilities and customer-driven innovation. 

The company offers a comprehensive lineup of laptops, graphics cards, monitors, motherboards, desktops, peripherals, servers, IPCs, robotic appliances, and vehicle infotainment and telematics systems. 

MSI is a leading brand that shapes the future of technology through outstanding product quality, intuitive user interfaces, and stunning design aesthetics.

‘True Gaming’

MSI is a leading gaming brand with a strong reputation in gaming and eSports. MSI’s gaming rigs include all the features gamers want, eliminating the tedious trial and error process and pushing performance to the limit. Featuring top-notch laptops, graphics cards, monitors, motherboards, desktops and other gaming gear, the Gaming Series is high on gamers’ wish lists. 

Content Creation Series; a market leader

Beyond MSI’s decade-long expertise in gaming, the Content Creation Series provides photographers, graphic designers, 3D animators, video editors and other professionals with impressive color accuracy, long-lasting battery life, high fidelity audio and brilliant performance. The Content Creation Series is tailored specifically for digital content creators.


Along with decades of dedication to gaming hardware, MSI is also a proud sponsor of more than 20 eSports teams throughout the world, as well as the host of the world-renowned MSI MGA (Masters Gaming Arena), a gaming tournament held in San Francisco every year. 

The company takes every opportunity to interact face-to-face with gamers and fans around the world. Gaming is the common language between MSI and gamers. With innovative technology and endless victories, MSI and gamers have rocked the gaming world together.


Red Dot Product Design Award 2022
European Hardware Awards 2020
Best Choice Awards in COMPUTEX 2019
2017 Taiwan Excellence Awards
Readers’ Choice Awards 2016

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