“D-Link’s COVR Dual Band Whole Home Wi-Fi System is stylish, simple to install, and delivers solid throughput speeds.”(U.S. PCMag)

An award-winning international brand in networking and connectivity products design and development, D-Link has been making world-class products for consumers for more than three decades. Their vast range of products cover the requirements of daily consumers and small businesses to medium and large-scale enterprises. The company’s humble beginnings in 1986 in Taiwan didn’t take long to lead to global growth and recognition, to the point that today they have over 2000 employees in 60 countries in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.
During the past 35 years, the company has strived to deliver a seamless online experience to homeowners and industry leaders alike. With this goal in mind, they offer an array of products in the networking and communication category, ranging from consumer wireless devices, home security and IP cameras, mydlink cloud, network expansion devices, media players, and storage; to business wireless switches, surveillance technology, IP Telephony, network security, and more.
After D-Link’s partnering with Pronyx in 2020, West Asian customers can enjoy the benefits of D-link’s robust technology with the added value of our systematic and customized approach.
While experiencing rapid growth and hitting milestones year after year, D-Link takes pride in offering the latest innovations and services at affordable prices that are accessible to everyone, everywhere.
Driven from the user’s perspective, they have managed to always stay ahead of the market curve through functional and innovative designs. This was made possible by their deep roots in the many markets they dominate, and their investment in research, development, and marketing sectors which in turn showcased their innovative capabilities.

Social Responsibility

Driven by the spirit of social care and service, the company founded the D-Link Charity Foundation in 1994. Since then, they have actively strived to transform their industry into a social enterprise. To this end, D-Link has succeeded in effecting rural education promotion programs and has cooperated with non-profit groups to bridge the digital education gap.


Going forward, the company expects to optimize its software and hardware services to better accommodate today’s challenges in their customers’ daily lives. Ever a sustainable and socially responsible company, D-Link will invest even more earnestly in employee care, social causes and commitment, and environmental protection.


D-Link’s various products have won numerous awards and gained global recognition for their outstanding technology, fashionable design, and innovative excellence. The most recent ones include:

  • 2020 CES Innovation Award
  • 2020 iF Design Award
  • 2020 iOT Breakthrough Award
  • 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award
  • 2019 CES Innovation Award
  • 2019 Taiwan Excellence Award

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